OMG, we ate wayyyyy too much of this


Ingredient Quantity
Orange Jell-O 1 box
Instant Vanilla Pudding 1 box
Boiling Water 1 cup
Cold Water 1/2 cup
Cool Whip 1 package (8 oz.)
Mandarin Oranges (drained) 1 can (14 oz.)
Mini Marshmallows 1 cup


Making the Gelatin Mixture (5 minutes):

In a large bowl, combine the orange Jell-O powder and instant vanilla pudding powder.
Pour in the boiling water and whisk it together until the gelatin and pudding are completely dissolved.
Then, stir in the cold water until everything is well combined.
Folding in the Cream (2 minutes):

Gently fold the Cool Whip into the gelatin mixture until you have a smooth and creamy consistency.

Adding the Fruit and Marshmallows (2 minutes):

Carefully fold in the drained mandarin oranges and mini marshmallows, making sure they are evenly distributed throughout the salad.
Chilling and Serving (2+ hours):

Pour the Orange Dreamsicle Salad mixture into a serving dish or individual dessert cups.
Refrigerate the salad for at least 2 hours, or until it’s completely set.
Serve chilled and enjoy the refreshing taste!

Enjoy !

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