Recipe for a simple casserole dish.

Today, we are going to explore a delicious adventure with a Hobo Casserole recipe that is not only very tasty but also quick to prepare and budget-friendly. Get ready, because we are going on a delicious culinary adventure that will make your taste buds very happy!

Materials Required

First, gather all the ingredients needed to make this Hobo Casserole.

1 pound of lean ground beef: This is the meat that will give your casserole a strong base.

1 chopped onion: Onions give a delicious flavor and a hint of sweetness to the dish.

4 Russet Potatoes (Peeled and Sliced): These potatoes will add the right amount of starchiness to your dish.

8 ounces of grated cheddar cheese: Let’s face it, cheese makes everything taste better!

1 Can (10 oz) of Potato Soup: This soup is smooth and delicious, and it’s what gives it its rich texture.

1 Can (10 oz) of Chicken Soup: This is where amazing things happen, everyone!

1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce. A bit of this zesty flavor enhances the taste.

1/4 cup of milk is like magic that brings everything together.

1 teaspoon of Creole seasoning: Let’s add some extra flavor with a touch of Creole spice.

1/3 cup of crispy fried onions: These crunchy toppings are the perfect finishing touch on top of the dish.

Instructions for cooking
Now that we have all our ingredients ready, let’s put on our chef hats and start cooking. Here is a simple guide to making this Hobo Casserole:

Before you start cooking, turn on your oven to 350°F (175°C) and let it heat up while you prepare your meal.

Cook the lean ground beef in a pan over medium-high heat until it turns brown and crumbly. Remember to separate it while it cooks. Remove any extra grease.

Put the chopped onion in the pan with the beef and cook them together until the onion is soft and see-through. Your kitchen must smell really good by now!

Place the sliced Russet potatoes in a greased baking dish to create a layer at the bottom. It’s like creating a tasty base with potatoes.

Add half of the tasty shredded cheddar cheese on top of the layer of potatoes. You can’t say no to cheese!

The Tasty Dish: Next, evenly spread the ground beef and onion mixture over the cheese layer. It’s starting to look like a complete casserole now!

Creamy Goodness: In another bowl, mix together potato soup, chicken soup, Worcestershire sauce, milk, and Creole seasoning. Pour this delicious mixture over the layer of beef.

Can I have more cheese, please? Put the rest of the cheddar cheese on top. This is where things get corny, and we enjoy it!

Crunchy touch: Top it with plenty of crispy fried onions. They will give it a delicious crunch.

Cook your casserole in the oven that has been preheated. Leave it in for around 45 minutes or until it is bubbly, golden, and the potatoes are soft.

After taking it out of the oven, let it cool for a bit before serving. Your sense of taste is going to enjoy this!
Here you have it, everyone – a simple Hobo Casserole that is easy to make and delicious to eat. With just a little preparation and affordable ingredients, this meal is great for a nice family dinner or a gathering with friends. Have fun trying new foods, and don’t forget, you can always have more!

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